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This is another in-progress project. I’ve seen some pretty great looking rugs made out of felt balls over the course of my work in wool. This rug, in particular, has caught my eye many times. And this crafty site gave me the idea to use small bits of leftover wool.
The process is easy (albeit time-consuming)take old stockings (or purchase cheap-y nylons from the drugstore) gather and squish small handfuls of roving. Then bundle it all the way into the toe of the stocking. Tie it off and you have your first stone. Repeat the process to fill up the tights as tight as you can (I like to do this and that is why I am going to Hot Yoga :)) Toss your tights in the wash and this time, for the first time hopefully, you dry your tights in the dryer. And that is where I am:

When I got these pairs back from the laundry I thought they looked more like a sea-creature and for a minute thought about other directions I could take this stage. Full focus ahead, though, we’re creating a rug now.

I’ll need a few more pairs of tights before this projects reaches more than the size of a place mat. Before it gets too big I need to track down the best type of nylon cord for durability. But I am anticipating a most divine feeling mat to step on at the end of this.

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