* Gilled Mushroom

Posted on February 18th, 2010 by admin. Filed under Art, felt.

Here is my first attempt at creating the gills that I have sought after in these soft sculptures.

Mushroom Top
Gilled Mushroom, 2010
It is probably the most delicate so far. I used the wet felting process to make “paper thin” sheets of wool felt. Then I starched and ironed them. Next time, in lieu of chemicals and heat, I will spend more time agitating the wool in the wet stage. More agitation, I suspect, will give me a stronger felt that will lend better to attaching the gills to the top. This one will be on Etsy when I find the right vessel for it.

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6 Responses to “Gilled Mushroom”

  1. Art Brown Says:

    very cool! Are there any other artists working with a fabric medium like this?

  2. admin Says:

    Ohmigoodness! One simple search on flickr and you can find thousands upon thousands of fiber artists. Sometimes its more crafty. I wouldn’t say exactly there are many like this, maybe I have yet to find them. Mandy Greer, http://mandygreer.wordpress.com/ is an amazing fiber artist. Her work is mindblowing to me.

  3. Amanda Fiebing Fabulous Felter · Felting @ CraftGossip Says:

    [...] Amanda is an artist from the great northwest with an extraordinary knack for the art of felting. She has done a series of mushrooms that are amazing. Her last posting on her blog is gilled mushroom that is mounted on a beautiful natural branch. She is an experimenter in felting and is producing some outstanding work. Do visit Amanda’s blog and look around her ETSY shop and visually get a taste of her extraordinary talent. The shop is called “Amandafiebing” I think you will enjoy looking around her shop. You may also like… [...]

  4. Linda Says:

    Your felting art is just stunning. I posted a little something about you on craft gossip felting


  5. admin Says:

    @Linda Thank you for your posting! Thank you!

  6. Amanda Fiebing » Blog Archive » Gilled Fungi Says:

    [...] “paper thin” gills with this mushroom. Somehow it feels less delicate than the first gilled mushroom I’m not so sure that it is, though. I stuck with my mushroom muse Both will be up on Etsy [...]

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