* Holiday Season

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mini garland
I’m opening a pop-up (read: temporary) Holiday shop at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall! My dear friend Mary approached me with the opportunity and its taking off galloping! We’re calling our baby, Donner & Blitzen. We’ll be featuring the work of local artists and craftspeople. Come see us for cards, artwork, small gifts and other rad items. We’ll be open Thursday-Saturday 11-6pm. Check out our blog and the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall’s page for updates.

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* *Happy Friday, TRUST me.

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This weekend I’ve been asked to host TRUST, a monthly dance party in Seattle. In my eyes, TRUST is somewhat of an anomaly here, Seattle can be known for its freeze-factor but everyone here dances… at least a little. Last June was my first taste. I remember feeling a draw to it after many friends had begun to attend and rave about TRUST. And it was that draw that motivated me to rest up at Gasworks after a morning filled with hot yoga, mimosas and nude people before dancing well into the wee hours of the morning. I highly recommend it.

TRUST Saturday June 18th, 9pm 21+ $10 or $5 before 11pm with RSVP to rsvp@trustseattle.com or via Facebook


* Here are your spring chickens

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The weather in Seattle is unpredictable and predictably terrible. I’ve been hunched over the computer this week (a while now) on a mad hunt for work. Write cover letter, attach resume, send, repeat. Today, a splash of hope came through email and I decided to take some time and just make something. The idea came for these when all of the spring items began to debut on Etsy, I literally heard birds chirping outside and there was the smell of spring all around.
Here are your spring chickens

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* Country Western

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I’ve been on a country wester kick recently. Been watchin’ a lotta John Wayne pictures, I tell ya that much. I received the frame of this vintage bolo tie with the centerpiece missing and the suggestion to “fill it”. Sounds good. Its truly a piece that fits my mood, I might not even put it up in my etsy store. We’ll see.
Giddy up!
Bolo tie

Less artsy fartsy picture

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Happy Friday! I can’t believe its almost March already. I’m very excited about my upcoming projects and I’m seeking out spaces to show my work more this year. In the meantime, I’ve started three terrariums all at once and I’ve decided it is time to show my progress on one of them. I’ve been diving more and more into this book for inspiration. I haven’t been hiking or doing much biking during these cold months so All That The Rain Promises has been a savior to my work as its content is focused on the west and the PNW.
So, here we are, my work in progress One Horn of Plenty with one (very clean) rosy Gomphidius and a patch of Vase Chanterelles… I do believe the glass base of this terrarium is a vintage candy dish. Just wait till you see the crazy top I scavenged.

Enjoy your weekend!

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This excites me to no end. With the help of residents, friends and some awesome guest artists the Old Rainier Arts Brewery’s return to the 2nd Saturday slot of art happenings in the south end of Seattle is made possible.

poster by Corey Knafelz
Art in the Old Rainier Brewery is back, baby!

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* Lovesick

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I am very excited to announce the upcoming group show I am in, Lovesick, at Redux which runs through February in Portland!
lovesick postcard_front

My show at Zeitgeist is not yet over, so Seattle, there is still time to check out my ’shrooms.

Check out these lovely people also in Lovesick
Cathy Pitters
Carla Madrigal
Bo Betsy
Penny Nickels
Emily Baier
Emily Katz
Jessica Friday
Johnny Murder
Julie Jackson
Kristen Rupp
Lucy & Ryan Berkley
Lyndsey Baldwin
Mark Bieraugel
Cindy Steiler
Mike Wurn
Pamela Davis
Rachel Lieberman
Tracy Jager

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* Show! Show! Show!

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Wow, its January already and this Thursday is quickly approaching!
Show image
I am more than ecstatic to present my work outside of the blogosphere. Please come join me for the opening reception this Thursday January 6th from 6-8pm at Zeitgeist stay late for the musical performance by Greystar. Or come anytime before February 2nd to view the show on your own.

Wish me luck!

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* to fill

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On a recent scouting trip to Goodwill, I put together these two pieces of glass to make a new terrarium vessel. I’m on track to finish this piece along with a few others for my show in January at Zeitgeist. This is my very first show and its an amazing opportunity about which I feel immense excitement. Show opens January 6th, 2011 (2011!) from 5-8pm and runs through the month of January.
Compiled glass terrarium vessel, 2010

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* A little ditty before I fall asleep (pass out)

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What a FANTASTIC weekend. Thank you to everyone who came out to Urban Craft Uprising! I got so many amazing and heartfelt compliments and I feel completely re-inspired. Just wanted to say a quick ‘thank you’ before I become a couch potato for the night. I will bring you a full recap and brand new post later this week. Right now I am about to indulge myself with roasted veggies and plop on the couch/pass out.

And one reminder, I am still accepting custom orders until the 15th of December for the 25th for all you Seattleites.

Thank YoZZzzzzzzz………..

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